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Adam Hopkins “Forging a New Path”

There is a better and Smarter Way. A NEW WAY.

Together, we can start “Forging a New Path” for Law Enforcement, by creating Community Based programs. This new path will change the way we incarcerate inmates and better facilitate these individuals in becoming whole and productive members of society. In return, this will reduce the cost of incarceration to the taxpayer, allowing Washoe County to thrive. These new policies will require the Sheriff’s Office to partner with the community and will persuade “A New Way of Thinking”, “A New Way of Seeing” and “A New Way of Being”. Not only do we need to think outside the box, but we need to throw the box away.

A NEW WAY OF ACTING: directly deals with how you will see me acting during my candidacy for Sheriff starting today, as well as after I'm elected. I will not participate in any aspect of negativity throughout this campaign, as I am disappointed with how campaigns have been run in the past. I promise to run a clean race and give my undivided attention to our community. This new way of acting will focus on creating better solutions for Washoe County and I WILL NOT indulge in the unprofessional behavior practiced in politics in the past. 

Additionally, a new way of acting will be how my staff and I operate as representatives of the Sheriff’s Office. You can expect competency and professionalism from each and every one of us while protecting and serving our community. Lastly, deputy’s will learn how to treat inmates with care while incarcerated which is an important component in the recovery process.

A NEW WAY OF THINKING: is of the utmost importance. This will require a shift in how we view crime, how and when we address crime and how we perceive those who are incarcerated. By addressing those who commit crimes early on, we can reduce the overall crimes committed in our community. Our current system has failed to provide criminals with programs that help assist the recovery of an individual. Law Enforcement has become a “perpetual machine” that tends to handle the issues of crime and incarceration ineffectively. These current policies must be revised with innovative platforms if we want to break this perpetual cycle and build a smarter community that can intelligently respond to problems that arise. Inmates cannot indefinitely be thought as as only criminals, they are human beings that deserve a second chance.

A NEW WAY OF SEEING: is not only how we see crime and those who commit crime, but how we view our responsibility as a community. Together we must take action and alter the way we are currently viewing inmates and reconsider whether or not this perspective is helping us move forward. This introspective approach is not difficult to implement into our lives, it is just a matter of committing to this shift in consciousness. 

A NEW WAY OF BEING: requires action. “All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action” -Mahatma Gandhi. Once these new concepts are integrated into the fabric of our community, we can begin to change the dynamic of our Law Enforcement. These revisions will alleviate the number of crimes committed each year and ultimately lead to a lower inmate population. This new way of being will instill the belief that these individuals CAN turn their lives around and motivate them to WANT to pursue a life without crime. These solutions will not be based on government budgetary or bureaucratic constraints. Instead, we will rely on our community to take an active role in these changes. 

Forging a New Path is not campaign rhetoric or a slogan. This new path is symbolic of our these ways of acting, thinking, seeing, and being. I am NOT waiting until my first day in office to begin these programs. It is essential for us to come together if we want to create a better future for our communities. Join me as a Community Action Partner. Contact us today!