Early Voting Starts May 26, 2018!!! I Would Love to Earn Your Vote!!!

I Believe in Equal Justice for ALL


My family and I have been Nevada residents since 1988.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree from New Mexico State University and I am a veteran of the United States Air Force.  Since moving to Nevada, I have been actively involved in the communities I have lived in by working in the mental health field and being in Law Enforcement.  I began my Law Enforcement career in 1990 and during the almost 26 years with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, I have worked closely with the community to make it a better, safer place for the families who live here.  I did this by becoming one of the first Community Liaison Officers (CLO), the first in the Incline Village community.  I became a D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Officer and a G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education And Training) Officer.  

While working in the detention center, I worked diligently to create a safer, more humane environment for those in custody.  I did this by actively participating in the management of the Mental Health Unit, by creating the Forensic Mental Health Team to assist inmates with mental health needs upon release.  The FMHT assisted over 100 inmates at its peak and reduced recidivism by 75% in that population, while reducing the cost to taxpayers for medical transports, ER visits and Law Enforcement involvement.  During my time at the detention center, I attended the National Jail Leadership Command Academy and the Senior Management Institute for Police, became a Certified Jail Manager a DOJ Certified PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) auditor and started my own training company where I train nation wide on high liability topics.  I did these things, not to further my career, but to give me the knowledge to create a better, safer community and detention center.  During my time at the Sheriff’s Office, I have been awarded Officer of the Year by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and in 2011 was awarded the “Agitated Chaotic Event”(ACE) award by the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Death.  In 2018, I was awarded the International Presidents Leadership medal, from Lions Club, International, which is awarded to only 1250 Lions out of 1.5 million Lions world wide.  I currently sit on the Executive Board for the National Alliance on Mental Illness for the State of Nevada as the training committee chair.

I made the decision to run for Washoe County Sheriff in 2017 when the current Sheriff announced that he was not going to run for re-election.  I knew that with my extensive experience in Law Enforcement, my unique experience and training in the mental health field, my ability to train others and my proven track record of creating new and inovative programs, that I was the only candidate that could identify the needed changes and then take the action needed to make those actions a reality.  I have never relied on the others to give me anything in my career and have worked hard to achieve every award and every promotion I ever received.  

My plan once elected, is make the Sheriff’s Office into the Office of the People of Washoe County, where citizens once again feel comfortable approaching anyone for the Office with their needs.  I will restore the service oriented philosophy that has been lost over the years, by having a true Open Door policy where citizens have access to their Sheriff.  Service must start at the highest levels of the organization and be pushed downward with clarity and consistancy.  You will see a difference!

Service must also be evident by the Sheriff spending time in all communities within Washoe County.  I have always been a “working supervisor” and this will not change once I am elected.  You will see me and hear from me far more than any Sheriff in the past.  I am calling this “Bridging the Gap” between Law Enforcement and the Community.

I know that drug addiction, alcohol addiction and mental health are driving the vast majority of crimes in Washoe County as well as the rest of the nation. I plan to do everything in my power as the elected Sheriff, to drive those among us who are suffering from these afflictions, away from incarceration and to local entities who deal with drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues.  Because of the stated causes of crime, full participation in these programs will have a positive affect on our community by saving lives that would have otherwise been wasted or lost, by lowering crime rates, reducing recidivism, jail population and cost to you, the taxpayer.  If however, an arrest is made and there is a drug, alcohol or mental health issue, we will identify it early in the process and if appropriate, will begin placing these citizens in a specialized unit I am calling the “Ground Zero” unit.  Once in the Ground Zero unit, citizens will be offered and provided the same wrap around services offered in the community.  We will do this so that no time is wasted during incarceration and so that once the citizen is released, we can hand them off to an outside agency who will continue the services started in the Ground Zero unit.  This should dramatically impact the citizens and the community in positive ways.  What can also dramatically impact lives, recidivism, jail population and taxpayer costs and would allow for the creation of the Ground Zero unit, would be a late afternoon and evening court.  Arresting Officers could take an arreste immdiately before a magistrate, completely bypassing incarceration.

I will begin working toward making significant changes within the Washoe County Detention Center that will also affect citizens in and out of custody.  I will make changes in training methods and topics to better serve the Deputies and those they come in contact with as well as to positively affect preventable in-custody deaths.  There will be a Servant Leadership philosophy from the top of the organization to the bottom and a concerted effort to increase staffing to better serve the community while keeping staff safe.  

Lastly, I will bring a level of transparency seldom seen in a Law Enforcement agency.  The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office belongs to the citizens and the citizens have the right to know how the office is run.  They also must have full access to all policies and should be made aware of where every penny of the budget is spent.  I will immediately have all policies posted on the Sheriff’s Office website.  I will begin moving toward removing the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office from the Office Involved Shooting (OIS) protocol.  I believe that removal from this protocol is the only way to assure the citizens of Washoe County that the integrity of the process is in tact.  This action will also protect the Officers involved in an incident of this nature by ensuring a completely impartial investigation and one that is more easily defended.  There cannot be even the appearance of impropriety in an investigation of this type.  The community must be confident that action will be taken based on this unbiased investigation.  The Press will play a significant role in my administration as a window into the Sheriff’s Office, as a tool to keep the community informed about issues and to hold me accountable to the community!

I am fully committed to “Forging a New Path” for Law Enforcement in Washoe County!